It was a different day, indeed!

It was a different day in my 26 years!  I realized it was a different day the moment I noticed the pink hibiscus flower. It was  swaying happily in my garden which I pass umpteen number of times during so many years but have failed to notice  as I was too absorbed in my own world... Continue Reading →


Let’s talk about your feelings!!

If you have been a boss and Ur team member leaves because of mismatch in both of Ur personality, how do you feel?   Pls leave a comment!!!

Let’s Lick & be Licked!

In the Professional world where everyone wants to leave their mark, being extra nice, polite, sweet on face etc doesn't harm one. It often seems that we have also become a part of that hypocrisy & we don't mind to be hypocrite. However, deep down we desire to be a part of a professional life... Continue Reading →

A search for a seat in a Life!

I often wonder what will be the best way to describe Life, in a world which is full of writers, intellectuals, philosopher, any description is monotonous. More than that, every living being on the planet has his own view to describe Life, so why one will be interested to read my blog to find my... Continue Reading →

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