A search for a seat in a Life!


I often wonder what will be the best way to describe Life, in a world which is full of writers, intellectuals, philosopher, any description is monotonous.

More than that, every living being on the planet has his own view to describe Life, so why one will be interested to read my blog to find my view or to understand my search of a seat until and unless he is my boyfriend, lover, crush, family members, friends!

However, I believe in a search of something, someone will tumble on my blog and will spend some milliseconds to read my blog, it’s for those who have stumbled on my blog and wish to stay with me for few minutes 🙂

The humid weather makes it too tough for me to wait on a filthy bus stop for any bus which can help me to land to  my final destination as my legs have become shaky and my clothes are about to catch the smell of sewer passing by the bus stop. The germs have now occupied the hair of my nostrils and flies have found a new home on my crown.

The moment a bus arrives, I rush like I’m a athlete in a marathon race representing my country and need to win a medal, where ever other competitor is trying their best to be less civilized as it’s the race of who gets in first and get the seat in the bus.

My willpower finally helps me win the race of getting inside and finding a vacant seat. I start smiling and congratulating myself for winning the medal.

I happily manage to fit my ass on the seat , I start observing the crowd nearby me and realize that many are looking at me with the envious looks, some are cursing under breath as they deserved the seat and I have got it by pushing and pulling them down.

Its then I transform into a philosopher and realize life is just like a seat in a bus.

We all enter the bus (life) and then our search starts for that seat (college, boyfriend, friends, Husband, in-laws/career).The moment we enter the phase of adulthood, we all want that seat and perhaps the most comfortable one.

We do not feel at peace with our self or our journey until we found that seat just like the passengers inside the bus. They forget the fact that they were able to catch the bus (life) and be at peace but become sore because they didn’t have the seat.

We show emotions like hatred, jealousy, unpleasant gesture for those who got the seat (good career/ family/in-laws) as if its only because of them that we didn’t got what we deserve, however the ones who are being seated are merely the earliest ones, the best one, experienced one, destined one to find seat and they are not aware or bother about our feelings, so why waste time being uneasy and hurrying to find vacant seat?

Enjoy the journey, when you are experienced enough you would know how to manage to get your seat!!!




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