Let’s Lick & be Licked!

In the Professional world where everyone wants to leave their mark, being extra nice, polite, sweet on face etc doesn’t harm one. It often seems that we have also become a part of that hypocrisy & we don’t mind to be hypocrite.

However, deep down we desire to be a part of a professional life where we can be ourselves and not a hypocrite but such a life is a myth and doesn’t exist.

We like to lick cause we don’t want to rub someone in wrong way even if it’s the right way to let the person know of his wrong doings. We would liked to be Licked because we highly believe that we are in certain positions which give us the authority to decide what we want and won’t like someone not pampering us or giving us extra nod for our silly Idea.

We generally get intimated with aggressive colleagues, we want someone who can always be passive when it comes to real work or a balance of active and passive.

Where should authentic individuals lead their professional life when they don’t want to lick nor licked,all they want is to be themselves and work towards goals.All they want is honesty, straightforwardness which shouldn’t only exist theorotically in organization’s values but lived practically.

Would you like to be a part of such authentic organisation? If yes please ensure you don’t lick or be Licked.

Do share your thoughts!




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